This Wrapping Style Will Be the Envy of All Your Family This Christmas

December 05, 2017

Wrapping Christmas gifts takes a lot of paper. In fact, the amount of wrapping paper that is used could cover about 5,787 NFL football fields. That’s over 4 million pounds of wrapping paper—and it’s all going straight to landfills.

You don’t have to waste paper like this, though. There are plenty of options available for wrapping gifts.

For example, you could use a gift bag instead of paper. Instead of throwing it away, many people save gift bags and reuse them the next time they’re giving a gift. Another option is using things you already have lying around, like newspaper.

The problem with these two options, though, is that it’s difficult to create a beautiful-looking gift using newspaper or gift bags. One way to make your gifts look lovely without wasting all of the paper is called Furoshiki.

Furoshiki is a traditional type of Japanese wrapping. The wrapping itself is nothing special—it is simply a square piece of cloth. They can be designed or decorated in any way. What makes these packages elegant is how they’re folded.

There are dozens of different ways to fold different packages to make them look elegant—perfect for all of the strangely-shaped packages you’re gifting to family and friends this year.

Another plus of wrapping gifts using the Furoshiki method? It’s unique. Regardless of whether your abilities are perfect or not, your friends will probably love the novelty of it.

You don’t even need to order any specialty fabric. In fact, all you need is a square of fabric that isn’t see-through. If you use a jersey fabric, you won’t even have to hem the edges, as they won’t unravel as easily. If you want to make your Furoshiki a little more exciting, you can even tuck a branch of greenery into the folds.

To see how to fold your own Furoshiki, check out the video below. This is just a basic fold, you can experiment and figure out what you like best. You can even request that your family give you the fabric piece back—or they can use them for anything, from wrapping gifts to hairbands.

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