Neighbors See WWII Vet Struggling, so They Help in the Most Supportive Way

November 15, 2017

The most amazing stories happen when a community is able to come together and surround one of their own with love. One community in Minnesota recently surrounded one of their own with love and support.

Harvey Djerf is a 95-year-old World War II veteran. Recently, his wife had a stroke and was confined to a nursing home. Harvey has taken to spending time with neighbors to help pass the time.

For the last 65 years, Harvey has walked the same 1-mile route twice every single day. His neighbors have grown accustomed to seeing him around and sometimes would join them.

As Djerf has aged, though, his neighbors noticed that he was stopping to rest along his daily walk. To help him out, they decided to place lawn chairs on their front lawns along his walk. This way, he could safely rest while out.

Harvey shared, “As I got older, I stop and rest more often and the neighbors have noticed Harvey’s stopping and taking his breath so then they’ve been putting out different chairs and inviting me to sit and take a rest.”

As he rests in the chairs that are set out, his neighbors come out to sit and chat with him for a few minutes. Harvey has been able to keep going with his walks and also has gotten to know his neighbors a little bit better.

Harvey isn’t planning on stopping his walks anytime soon. He shared, “My wife said years ago I just—I’m antsy. I can’t sit still.” Check out this video of Harvey taking his walks.

Harvey loves his daily walks—and he hopes that he’s motivating some of his neighbors to get out too. “They say when they see Harvey go by twice a day, the figured they should get out and walk themselves.”

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