Tiger on the Loose in New York City Turns out to Be a Much Different Animal

April 12, 2018

Early this morning, the NYPD received a call that there was a tiger on the loose in the streets of Harlem.


As you can imagine, once word got out that there was a tiger roaming the streets of New York City, people were naturally startled at the news. For a city that doesn’t have much wildlife, a tiger would certainly grab your attention.




After a brief investigation, it turned out that the vicious animal on the prowl was, in fact, a large raccoon and not a tiger. Very understandable since the two animals are nearly identical…



On second thought, maybe they aren’t.


It took less than 20 minutes to solve the case according to the timeline captured by Andrew M. Seaman on Twitter.




However, residents of New York do have a reason to believe that there could be a tiger in their concrete jungle. Back in 2003, the NYPD was called in to take care of a loose tiger in an apartment complex in Harlem.


Just take a look at the image below.



This also is not the first time a resident in the NYC area has badly mistaken an animal in their city.


In 1926, someone somehow mistook a rat for a leopard.




Maybe the people of New York City should take this as a sign that they need to get out of the city once in a while and get to know nature a little better.


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