Tim McGraw Posts Heartwarming Video of 3 Siblings' Unique Wedding Experience

January 04, 2018

Three sisters, Hannah (25), Naomi (24), and Elisabeth (22), from Georgetown, New York, recently had an unbelievable experience. The three fell in love with their high school sweethearts and were engaged within three months of one another.

The women were over the moon about each of their engagements. Their dad, half-joking at the time, said that they should have a triple wedding. To his surprise, the three sisters absolutely loved the idea.


Hannah, Naomi, and Elisabeth are from a family of ten and are used to doing things as a family. So the idea of sharing a wedding day was not disheartening in any way.

If you are familiar with planning a wedding, try planning three. Thankfully, this family has a crafty side to them.


Naomi's now-husband, Caleb, is a skilled carpenter and handmade all the guest tables. The three brides-to-be love to bake, so they made over 900 cookies for their cookie bar.


Their father has a knack for baking cakes, so he made a beautiful, fig and berry wedding cake. When the girls were younger, their dad would always make them their own birthday cakes.

There were three separate wedding ceremonies with thirty minutes in between each. The break was needed to allow the other brides to change into their bridesmaids dresses. The guests weren't just twiddling their thumbs during the intermission, however; they were offered drinks and other activities such as cornhole and horseshoes.


Check out their amazing day below!



What do you think about their day? Share your thoughts with us! In other news, Fred has just months left to live, so he decided to give a gift of a lifetime — walking his two daughters down the aisle before they got married. Check out the story here.

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