Tips For Eating Your Next Holiday Meal

November 22, 2017

On Thanksgiving or Christmas, many of us skip breakfast or lunch to save room for the evening feast. According to Katherine Tallmadge, a registered dietitian, this is not the best strategy.

Many of us think we will prevent added pounds by skipping one or two meals before dinner. This is actually a misconception.

"It's a big mistake to fast before a big meal at a party, or at Thanksgiving dinner," Tallmadge says. By eating a regular breakfast and lunch, you will likely eat less in the evening — less caloric intake. If you skipped these first two meals, you will likely overeat at dinnertime.

"You're ravenous, and you just eat like crazy. You're completely irrational," she said.

It is understandable that holiday dinners, most people will eat more than they would have compared to a normal day. But by eating normally before the big feast, you will likely consume fewer calories overall.

Another tip Tallmadge shares is choosing your three favorite, high-calorie dishes and indulge in just those, including a healthy serving of vegetables.

Variety of foods can make things difficult. Take pies for instance. If there are three different pies for dessert, it is tempting to take a slice of all three. Tallmadge discourages this practice greatly. Try sticking to just one, or, if you must, have small slivers of all three.

While these meals are something to look forward to each season, the rule of thumb here is to try to monitor your food intake and eat in moderation. A few family activity traditions to consider are going for walks after or before the meal, play touch football, or toss a frisbee around. Staying active will help with overeating.

"Splurge on Thanksgiving Day [Christmas Day], but get back to normal, healthy eating immediately," Tallmadge said.

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