Toddler Vanishes—Police Find Small Footprints in Woods Then Notice Second Set

February 28, 2018

Back in October 2017, Chelsea Nobel, from Harrison County, Mississippi, suddenly woke in the middle of the night with a gut-wrenching feeling in her stomach. She went to her son's bedroom only to find him missing from his bed.

She tore through the house searching for William, but he was nowhere to be found. Chelsea called the police which prompted an immediate and widespread search of her son.


Police brought out their trained search dogs and several ATVs to search the nearby forest. Neighbors and other volunteers didn't hesitate to help and began searching the woods for the two-year-old boy.


Sadly, they returned empty-handed. There was no sign of the boy.


Then one officer found small footprints in the dirt. It was Williams. But next to his prints, were another set alongside his. William was not alone.

The prints actually belonged to a dog. Their family dog named Jezebel.


While police were tracking footprints, a 10-year-old boy named Blake Carroll began hearing a truck horn. He noticed a dog circling the truck, and noticed a young boy crying as he's peering through the window.


The uncle pulled William from the truck and called the police. Thankfully, William only received minor scratches and bug bites. Chelsea was full of emotion and tears when she was reunited with her son.


Chelsea was issued a misdemeanor for child neglect. Apparently, the police determined she was not properly caring, nor supervising, her son at the time. Authorities say that Jezebel had protected him for about seven hours.


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