Toddlers Survive Alone For Days In Mangled Car - With No Food Or Water - After Mom Dies In Crash

November 26, 2018

In what could only be described as ‘a miracle’ two little boys survived alone days after they were in a car crash that killed their mother. And the older of the boys is being hailed a hero for saving his baby brother’s life. It's an amazing story that unfolded over a period of three or four days.

“Lisa Holliman, 25, died in a car accident believed to have occurred on Friday or Saturday, police said. But her children, ages 3 and 1, weren’t discovered until Monday.” According to Fox News, “Police said Kylen, 3, was located just before 8 a.m. Monday walking along Arkansas State Highway 24 outside of Camden, KLRT-TV reported.”

“The Ouachita County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) was called just before 8 a.m. Monday to Arkansas State Highway 24…for a reported toddler unattended near the roadway, according to a news release.

Fox 16 News also reported that “A picture of the child was posted Monday morning on the OCSO's Facebook page in attempts of identifying the child and his parents.

“During the course of the investigation, deputies were able to locate a name of the child's mother from family members. Family members also advised that they had not seen the mother and her two children in a few days.”

Determined to discover where the three-year-old came from, the deputies did some old-fashioned detective work.

“Deputies went back to the scene where the child had been located this morning and located an accident off the highway in a deep ravine not visible from the roadway. Deputies observed a vehicle laying on its side and a female deceased.

“It appeared that the female had been ejected from the vehicle. Deputies then located a one-year-old child fastened in a car seat inside the vehicle.

“Deputies were able to climb into the vehicle and remove the child. The child was awake and alert when transported to the Ouachita County Medical Center for treatment.”

Both boys are said to be recovering well, and doctors are amazed that they fared so well during their ordeal. And there are some who are calling little Kylen a hero for leading police to where his little brother was trapped in the car.

“Holliman's father, James, called his grandson a 'hero' for climbing out of the car through the sunroof and walking several hundred yards to get attention and help.”

Deputy Nathan Greely told KATV, “It was incredible the two toddlers were able to survive for several days without food and water and in extreme heat. Temperatures reached well into the 90s over the weekend.

“Today is anything but short of a miracle – the 3-year-old and 1-year-old being able to survive in the elements [of], you know, southern Arkansas with how hot it is, the humidity,” Greeley said. “We’ve had precipitation since then, and like I said, it’s nothing short of a miracle – God’s blessing – that these children were able to survive this accident.”

Please join us in praying for those two little boys who will have to grow up without a mother, and in thanksgiving that their lives were spared.

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