Top 10 Dog Names, Ranked

December 07, 2017

The joys of having a dog! There is so much excitement once you lock eyes with the dog you'll be taking home. But now you need to come up with a name!

Just like baby names come and go each year, so do dog names. came out with a list of the top ten dog names in 2017. Did yours make the list or were you more unique with your dog's name?

Top 10 Male Dog Names

10. Tucker
9. Duke
8. Bear
7. Oliver
6. Rocky
5. Jack
4. Buddy
3. Cooper
2. Charlie
1. Max

Top 10 Female Dog Names

10. Sophie
9. Bailey
8. Maggie
7. Molly
6. Sadie
5. Lola
4. Luna
3. Daisy
2. Lucy
1. Bella

Did your dog's name make the list? Share your dog's name with us in our comment section! Want to know the dumbest dog breed? Check it out here. Did yours make the list?

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