Top 10 Cheap Trips, Ranked

February 09, 2018

Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world. The company started with the founders, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, who “stapled together their first guidebook after an epic trip across Asia.”

Each year, Lonely Planet releases some of the best destinations to travel to around the world. Check out these top 10 trips to take this year that won’t break the bank—but also don’t sacrifice on adventure.

10. Hunan, China

The province of Hunan has plenty of budget-friendly options for the value traveler. Hunan contains the famous glass bridge that hangs on the side of a mountain. There are also ancient ruins, historic cities, and geologic formations for the outdoorsy tourists. Budget meals and accommodation can keep this trip extremely budget-friendly, but if you want a nicer trip, the high-end meals and hotels don’t cost much either.

9. Jacksonville, USA

Jacksonville is one of the few cities in Florida that hasn’t become a major tourist spot. Because of this, though, Jacksonville is much less crowded than many other beaches in the state. It has also been able to keep its costs for food, drinks, and accommodation low. So if you’re interested in lounging by beaches, kayaking, or surfing on a budget, Jacksonville is a great option.

8. Baja California, Mexico

Yes, you could drive up north a little to get to California’s wine country, but if you say down in the Valle de Guadalupe, you get the same views with much more reasonable prices. Avoid the cities close to the border and head deeper into Baja California for beautiful views, excursions, and remote beaches.

7. United Kingdom

Right now, the United Kingdom is going through Brexit talks and, according to Lonely Planet, “travellers can reap the rewards.” The value of the pound has gone down since 2016’s referendum on EU membership, which makes the cost of planning a trip to Britain a little more reasonable.

6. Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is one of the most beautiful—and budget friendly—areas in Morocco. Many people have been to Marrakech, but the high cost and high price make it more worth it to head out of that hotspot toward Essaouira. Delicious foods, walled cities, and blue water can all be found here—at a reasonable price.

5. Poland

Many large cities in Europe have been able to hike up their prices for tourists, but Poland has kept theirs very reasonable. Krakow still has plenty of tourist attractions, but at a much more reasonable price than Prague or Berlin. Inexpensive train and bus prices can also help you explore more of the country.

4. La Paz, Bolivia

According to Lonely Planet, you can get by on under $30 each day in Pa Paz, Bolivia. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can do in the mountainous city, including hiking and biking trips. Boutique hotels, coffee shops, and shops are appearing as well, making this a great budget tourist destination.

3. Arizona, USA

To people living in the United States, Arizona might seem like a strange tourist destination. However, it provides plenty of affordable adventures that tourists can go on. There are also plenty of spas and golf courses for people who prefer a slightly more luxurious vacation.

2. Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Lanzarote is found on the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain and Morocco. There are plenty of flawless beaches, hiking trails, and jaw-dropping views to keep any adventurer happy. There are also incredible wineries in la Geria for a those who like to take it easy.  

1. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is compact enough to explore on foot. It’s easy to find cheap accommodation and the location can let you take in the beautiful views of the Baltic Sea. The neighborhood of Kalamaja is filled with food trucks for some incredible (and cheap!) food.

Maybe it’s time to start planning a trip to one of these budget-friendly locations. Check Lonely Planet’s website for more information.

Which of these would you visit? Let us know in the comments! In other news, a reign of terror was unleashed after this police officer was assaulted. Read more here.

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