Top 4 Medical Advancements of 2017

January 10, 2018

Every year there are dozens of medical advancements. They can allow people to live easier and healthier lives. In 2017, there were dozens of significant medical advancements that will make major changes in the lives of those who need them. Check out these top five:


1. Eye implants



Corrective eye surgery has been around for years, but in 2017, the bionic eye was released. In the past, corrective eye procedures worked primarily for individuals with mild eye issues. The bionic eye, though, provides hope for those with severe vision problems—even for some patients who have struggled with blindness.


2. Dental surgery mirrors



Another significant improvement in 2017 is the use of augmented reality applications to assist patients dental surgery. Using this technology, dentists have been able to show a patient what their smile would look like after surgery—before they even begin the procedure. Before this augmented reality application, dentists would create 3D models of the patient smile so that they could know what would look like. This app allows the patient to quickly and easily the differences.


3. Small tech for sleep apnea



For years, individuals with sleep apnea had to sleep with huge masks to ensure that they would be able to breathe through the night. Many patients hate sleeping with the bulky masks but recognize that they need it for restful sleep. This year, new technology was created for individuals with sleep apnea. The pacemaker-style device is implanted to encourage patients to breathe through the night. While the device is much smaller and easier to use, it is currently very expensive. Find out more here.


4. Magnetic treatment of scoliosis



Scoliosis is the disease that often impacts children. For individuals with early-onset, it might even impact the curvature of their spine by the age of two, the need for surgeries and other procedures at a very young age. However, technology in this past year has come out with a new treatment: magnets. Using metal rods implanted in the back to straighten a curved spine, this technique uses magnets to slowly straighten an individual spine without the need for invasive surgeries. Find out more about these procedures here


It’s incredible to see all of the amazing medical advancements made in this past year. Many lives will be changed by these and by the medical advancements that will come in this next year.


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