Top 5 Viral Optical Illusions

February 12, 2018

Most pictures are an accurate depiction of what happens, but sometimes it’s just not quite right. Occasionally, there are pictures that take that to the extreme. Most of the time, it’s just your brain playing tricks on you, though.

Check out these five optical illusions that went viral. Can you figure them out?

1. The dress

Who could forget the dress? This is one of the most classic optical illusions. Is it white and gold? Is it black and blue? The truth? Check out this video to find our more.

2. Wooden toy pieces

This image makes it look like one train track is significantly longer than the other. Supposedly, though, they’re the exact same size. Do you believe it? Check out this video for proof.

3. Shiny legs

These legs look shiny, right? They have water or oil on them, right? Well that’s not actually true. Check out the truth below.

4. The wall

This photo just looks like a brick wall, right? Maybe it has a mouse sticking out of it or something, but it’s not too crazy. Actually, look again. There’s a cigar sticking out. Can you see it now?

5. The missing legs

This image looks pretty basic, right? Just a picture of a group of women. Count the legs, though. It seems like something’s missing. Can you find the pair of missing legs?

Did you get these right? Share with us in the comments on Facebook.

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