Best Spring and Gardening Items to Buy at The Dollar Store

March 20, 2018

The Dollar Store is really the place to be; at least it's the place to start when you are in need of gardening supplies. If you can't find what you are looking for, at least you started at the least expensive store.



At other stores, it's easy to fork out a lot of money for hobbies such as gardening. That's why the Dollar Store should be your first stop. While it likely won't be your last stop, it will be easier on your credit card.





Every gardener knows that you can't go very far without a good pair of gloves. The great thing is they are just a dollar! So feel free to pick up several!





Pots range from starting pots, to plastic pots, to clay pots. It does depend on the store, but the ones I've gone to have a good variety of useful styles and colors. I have several pots from last year that have held up well.


Gardening Tools



Gardening tools are other items you can't get very far without. While most Dollar Store's I've gone to have had metal and durable tools, I have been to some stores where they just offer plastic ones.





The Dollar Store has a great selection of seeds. I seem to always be impressed each year. Not only do they supply these, but they sell them for 4 for $1. That's pretty hard to beat. I haven't tried these yet, as I normally purchase flowers, but you should let us know if they work for you in the comment section!


Potting Soil


In need of a quick bag of potting soil and don't want to spend $6 or more? Better head on down to your local Dollar Store. The bags appear to be a decent size. It should be plenty for several small pots.


There are so many more items, which is great, but it will make this list extremely long. You'll be able to find kneeling pads, pruning shears, weed barriers, hose nozzles, watering cans, wind chimes, and other spring decor items.


Do you purchase your gardening supplies at the Dollar Store? Let us know what you like to buy in the comment section of our Facebook page. In other news, here are six things, other than gardening, you must buy from the Dollar Store.

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