Tow Truck Driver Spots Woman Acting Strange on Bridge and Jumps Into Action

January 08, 2018

A Toronto tow truck driver is being hailed a hero after saving a suicidal young woman from jumping off a highway overpass.


Dino Juiakumar of Toronto, Canada, was driving home early in the morning when he saw a woman laying down on the side of a bridge crossing a highway.



Considering it was nearly 0 degrees outside, Juiakumar knew something must be wrong.


He quickly pulled his truck over to the side of the road and approached the woman, who he noticed was crying. The 19-year-old woman admitted to him that she was going to end her own life.


When she said this, he reached for his phone to call 911, but as he did so, the woman made a break for the edge of the overpass.



Juiakumar threw his phone to the ground and quickly grabbed the young woman, wrapping her in a tight bear hug.


“I was holding her, and she was pushing my jacket and kept saying she wanted to jump, that she seriously wants to go, so I kept holding her really tight,” he said.


So he held her until police arrived and were able to bring the situation under control.


Police later revealed to him that the young woman had a warrant out for her arrest for the theft of a motor vehicle and other minor charges.


As a tow truck and rescue driver, Juiakumar often sees difficult situations on the often dangerous Canadian roads, but he never experienced something like this before.


“I feel great,” he said. “You know, life isn’t easy. I helped save a life, and I feel happy that I was able to do so.”



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