Thief Uses Tractor to Rob McDonald’s

March 20, 2018

This might be one of the strangest stories you will see all week.


A group of thieves using a tractor to rob a McDonald’s sounds like a story you would expect to come out of someplace like Florida, but not this one.


In Castletroy, Ireland, at 2:50 am, a couple of robbers rammed a JCB tractor into the local McDonald’s. The would-be thieves, however, fled the scene before managing to steal anything.




The tractor was abandoned at the scene of the crime.


Gardai (the Irish police) are still investigating the incident and have not made any arrests as of this moment.


This isn’t the first time this McDonald’s has been in the news either. In 2016, a camel escaped a circus and wound up in line at this McDonald’s drive-through window.


What’s the strangest story that made news in your hometown? Let us know in the comments below!


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