Beloved TV Star Defies Death A 2nd Time: Survives Scary Car Crash Exactly 5 Years After He Nearly Died

June 04, 2019

Everyone loves Tracy Morgan. Now, his millions of fans are breathing a sigh of relief after hearing about the beloved comedian’s most recent brush with death.

Most of us know him from his iconic portrayal of the nutty Tracy Jordan on the beloved NBC hit ’30 Rock.’ But we also know him from his horrific ordeal in 2014 when a car accident he was in nearly cost him his life.

“The ’30 Rock’ star was in a coma for two weeks and suffered a 'traumatic brain injury' after his car was struck by a Walmart truck driver who hadn't slept for more than 24 hours.

“Morgan also suffered a broken leg, nose, and ribs in the crash, which killed his friend and fellow comedian James McNair.”

This time, he came away a little better off, but needless to say, he was traumatized by the incident.

“The nasty incident occurred just three days shy of the five year anniversary of Morgan’s fatal 2014 horror smash, when a sleep-deprived driver of a Walmart truck collided with his chauffeured limousine, killing his friend and leaving the now 50-year-old profoundly injured.

“The driver of a Honda CR-V with New Jersey license plates reportedly attempted to make a left turn from the right-hand lane on 10th Avenue and 57th street at 1:30 pm, scraping into the left-side of Morgan’s 2012 Bugatti Veyron.”

The TV star was briefly hospitalized after complaining of hip pain, but a few hours later, Morgan addressed his condition in a tweet.

"Thanks for any concern but I am totally fine. My NEW CAR? We shall see. Love you all."

This time around, the star seemed more concerned with the condition of his brand new $2 million dollar ride. Stopping to check out the damage before getting in an ambulance for a trip to the hospital.

“The ’30 Rock’ star’s carbon fiber Bugatti suffered a number of bumps and scrapes but no significant damage, as determined from pictures at the scene.”

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