Truckers Line up Under Bridge to Prevent Man From Committing Suicide

April 24, 2018

Early Tuesday morning, emergency officials in Detroit, Michigan received a call that a man was standing on a bridge over the highway and threatening to jump to his death.


Michigan State Police closed all lanes in both directions under the bridge as negotiators talked to the man.



The police then worked with some of the stopped semi trucks and lined them up to form a tall barrier underneath the bridge to shorten the distance the man would fall if he chose to jump.


When their wall of trucks was complete, 13 tractor trailers were lined up side by side underneath the bridge.



The truckers waited under the bridge for over two hours while negotiators attempted to coax the man down off the bridge.


Thankfully, the man did not jump and he was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.



The highway was closed around 1 a.m. and was reopened at around 4 a.m.



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