After Pelosi’s Shameless State of the Union Power Play, Trump Shows Nancy Who’s REALLY in Charge

January 17, 2019

It seems America is wising up to the dirty tactics of the left - led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. In recent weeks, they have been pulling out all the stops during this historic shutdown of the federal government to cast as much blame as possible on the President.

But their intimidation tactics are failing miserably; Mr. Trump took a play from Pelosi's playbook book and sent a letter canceling something of hers!

Ever since Pelosi and other the Democrat leadership rebuffed Mr. Trump’s most recent attempt to get both sides back to the table, it seems the Democrats have now set the tone for communication between the warring sides. And writing notes seems to be the method they’ve settled on.

Pelosi launched the opening salvo, writing the President a letter in which she, in effect, canceled the upcoming State of the Union address Mr. Trump was set to deliver on January 29th.

In it, Mrs. Pelosi refused to allow him to give his January 29th State of the Union address from the floor of the House. Mrs. Pelosi stated that she cannot allow the event to go on due to the government shut down and the allegedly-insufficient number of security staff available to work that night.

Thinking she had gotten the best of Mr. Trump, Nancy was quite stunned when the President flexed his muscles in a most unexpected way - He sent HER a letter denying her permission to use government airplane to go on a public relations trip to the Middle East.

Fox News reports, “President Trump on Thursday abruptly denied military aircraft to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a foreign trip just minutes before the congressional delegation was set to depart, in a stunning decision that followed her call to delay the State of the Union address amid the government shutdown.” BOOOM!!

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released the curtly worded letter on Twitter earlier today:

“Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the Shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate,” Trump wrote.

A White House official said that “as soon as the president found out about the trip today, he took immediate action.”

A source told Fox News that the reason the President took the bold action was to guarantee that Pelosi would remain in Washington during the next weeks of the shutdown. The White House reasoned that the trip would keep Pelosi out of the country beyond next Tuesday night—when the next government pay period would occur.

"If she had gone on this trip she would have guaranteed that 800,000 federal workers would not receive their second paycheck because she would not have been here to negotiate any kind of deal," a senior White House official said Thursday.

And it all comes down the standoff concerning funding for the border wall. “Trump wants nearly $6 billion for a border wall, while Pelosi and fellow Democrats have described such a project as immoral.“

In the meantime, supporters have responded on social media, praising his bold action.

“He is a boss”

“Right on, Mr.President! You’re running circles around Pelosi and her 'America Last' crowd!”

So far, both sides have dug in their heels and refuse to budge in the other’s direction. Now it’s become a battle of wills and only time will tell who will blink first. It’s going to be a LONG wait…

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