Pres. Trump Majorly Screws Up Trip To U.K. And Is a Complete 'Embarrassment' BUT Many Missed What Barack And Michelle Obama Actually Did

July 17, 2018

It appears everyone was waiting for President Trump to slip up when meeting Queen Elizabeth II this month. Many people claimed he was a major screw up and put America to shame.

The two controversial issues at hand were when Trump did not bow when he greeted the Queen and when he walked in front of her.

Liberals had a fit over the first issue and didn't let up on chastising him on social media. The second "embarrassment" was just as bad.

In fact, most mainstream media jumped on the bandwagon as well when he didn't bow. It may come as a surprise to some, but Trump was in no way obligated to bow to the Queen, according to "Harpers Bazaar." Melania herself didn't even bow or curtsy.

The publication also points out several important rules and exceptions. According to the official royal website, men are to perform a neck bow or a head nod, which according to some, Trump appears to have done.

Here's the exception: According to royal expert Marlene Koenig, "Americans do not curtsy or bow to foreign sovereigns."

While most liberals are upset about Trump's "disrespectful" actions, the Queen doesn't even expect a foreign head, including the President of the United States, to bow to her. One other thing to point out, if we are playing tit for tat, Barack Obama didn't even bow when he first met her in 2011.

On to the second "embarrassment." On Friday, Trump was criticized for walking in front of the Queen towards her royal guards. Trump appeared to be slightly confused where to stand when Her Majesty motioned a hand signal to him. She then appeared to walk at an angle which led Trump to be a few steps ahead of her.

Watch The Encounter Below:

Trump stops and waits for her until they were side by side so they could continue walking again. The Queen didn't seem bothered one bit by it. Trump is pretty much guilty of not realizing where the Queen was, but to claim such hateful accusations over a small, awkward moment is a stretch.

Michelle Obama crossed the line when she met the Queen. She went as far as to put her arm around Queen Elizabeth II, which is way outside royal protocol. That "embarrassing" moment didn't seem to bother the Queen either.

There appear to many rules that have been broken over the years when presidents and first ladies meet the Queen, from both Republicans and Democrats. As long as things aren't intentional, these claims should be put to rest. Plus, the Queen appears to have a heart of gold and understands that rules may be broken from foreign visitors.

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