Travelers Turn SAVAGE On Social Media. Burning Pelosi, Liberal Media With One Thing They Can't Handle - The TRUTH

January 16, 2019

If you believe the horror stories that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a majority of Democrat politicians have been filling the airwaves with, you might think that the United States is experiencing an 'Armageddon' at our nation's airports. The way they tell it, it's only a matter of time before all airports shut down or, worse yet, airplanes will begin falling out of the sky.

But, before you buy into too much of that falderal, relax and read the reassuring stories coming from real passengers who have seen the situation for themselves. And what they have to say is a far cry from what you've been led to believe.

What we've come to realize is that the tales coming from the left side of the aisle in Washington are grossly exaggerated and meant to manipulate those who are most vulnerable to their despicable fear-mongering tactics. Take for example this FACT:

On Wednesday, the TSA reported that ‘overall, passengers waited less than 30 minutes’ the previous day, and 97.3 percent of passengers waited less than 15 minutes at screening checkpoints. PreCheck passengers, on average, waited for less than 10.”

This flies in the face of all the sensationalized ‘anecdotes’ of reported country-wide chaos due to intolerably long wait lines at security check-points. Today’s statement from TSA full-on contradicts what the mainstream media has been reporting.

Social Media was brimming with accounts of travelers who were pleasantly surprised after expecting the worst. Based, of course, on what they heard and saw from Democrats and others on the left who are trying to manipulate the end to the government shutdown without having to deal with “The Wall’ issue.

But, if what these Twitter users have to say is any indication, the Dems are failing miserably in their efforts to spin the story in their direction.

“Basic law of unintended consequences:

“As a result of the 25% shutdown, the gov't works better/more efficiently, paving the model for smaller gov't initiatives in the future - carved out shutdowns to test the fragility of the system."

AND what TSA agents REALLY think about the shutdown:

"Going through TSA Pre✔️at #DFW and a man in front of me started apologizing to agents (5) for the shutdown chaos and said, 'Congress could end this tomorrow.' The agents - nearly in unison - replied, “Yes - but the Democrats are all on a beach in Puerto Rico.” 🔥

“Thanks to @TSA for dedication, keeping our country safe and managing to keep the @AmericanAir Pre-Check line clear at @iflymia despite the shutdown! Great work - I was through in less than 5 mins!!“

“Over 250 trips to NYC from LAX in the last 20 years, and tonight’s security line was the SHORTEST I’ve ever experienced. If this is TSA/shutdown pandemonium, keep it going. It does seem odd that the media would circulate this nonsense knowing people will find out it’s bunk”

“When truth be told let it be known that the biggest backfire of this shutdown? Is that the TSA is running more efficiently and lines have been no more longer than normal.”

“Show up to the airport 2 1/2 hours early TSA lines are longer than normal”

*Shows up 2 1/2 early... not a single person in line

“I flew PHL - CLT on Monday. Security lines were normal at both airports. I made it a point to thanks every TSA worker I saw for being there.”

“omg the line at the airport is so bad… I might have to wait 5 minutes to go thru security. I need the leftist media to save me from my woes.

Seriously though, lines are shorter than normal for a mid-week flight, probably due to media hysteria over TSA

“More bulls**t reporting from @cnn. Normal lines for that airport. Traveled out of DFW this morning. Monday AM one of the biggest airports in the country. TSA wait time less than 1 minute. Stop spreading fake news.”

So, as long as Twitter keeps allowing honest people to post their own experiences to their accounts, then the rest of the left-leaning media will not be able to squelch the truth. Fear-mongering is the worst sort of manipulation by the left to get what they want. They exploit their constituents who turn to them for honest information. Despicable!!

Happy traveling!

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