Two Hospitalized After White Powdery Substance Arrived At Sen. Ted Cruz's Office

October 02, 2018

Houston, Texas police say that two people have been rushed to a local hospital after a suspicious package arrived at Senator Ted Cruz's office at the Phoenix Tower on 3200 SW Fwy on Tuesday morning, according to "Fox26."

The Houston Fire Department arrived on the scene after the package contained a white powdery substance. Officials have since evacuated the ninth floor where Cruz's campaign office is located. The FBI is conducting an investigation at this time.

The entire ninth floor was evacuated at about 11:56 a.m. The Houston Fire Department HazMat crews arrived and determined that the substance was not hazardous. Test results came back negative. The FBI has taken over the investigation and is looking into who sent the package. Cruz's office was sent into lockdown, according to The Associated Press.

Two people complained of nausea and tingling before emergency personnel rushed them to the hospital for an evaluation and treatment. According to Campaign Spokeswoman Christine Frazier, the package arrived by the United States Postal Service. The USPS is now assisting with the investigation.

The two individuals who were taken to the hospital do not work for the Cruz campaign, according to "ABC13."

There are no further details available at this time.