Grandfather Of Missing Boy Speaks Out: What He Thinks Happened To 8-Year-Old Noah McIntosh Is Heartbreaking

March 17, 2019

Eight-year-old Noah McIntosh has been missing from his father’s Corona, California home for two weeks, and during the first week-and-a-half, no one reported him missing.

The incident came to a head on Tuesday, March 12th, when Noah’s mom Jillian Godfrey went to the dad's apartment for her weekly visit to see both Noah and his 11-year-old sister. When she went to the door of Bryce McIntosh's apartment, no one answered. That's when Jillian realized something was terribly wrong.

Jillian was so concerned that she notified Corona police.

Now Noah's grandfather, Doug Godfrey is speaking out about the family's troubled past and why he thinks the outcome of the ramped-up search for his young grandson will not be a good one.

“Corona police Friday confirmed that it was Jillian Godfrey who called Tuesday, asking them to check in on her children. She had been living in her car at the apartment complex…where McIntosh lived with the children, hoping to see them," Doug Godfrey said.”

Police showed up the next morning with a search warrant and found McIntosh and the 11-year-old girl in the apartment, but Noah was nowhere to be seen.

Then on Friday, in a bombshell development, the boy’s parents Bryce Daniel McIntosh, 32, and Jillian Marie Godfrey, 36 were both arrested in connection with Noah's disappearance; they are being held on suspicion of child abuse.

Police are not providing any further details about the arrest except that it has to do with "something they did to Noah on February 24th." 

McIntosh and Godfrey are being held on $1,000,000 and $500,000 bonds, respectively. Police refuse to elaborate on exactly what they think the couple did to Noah. The pair will be officially arraigned in early April.

“Noah has been missing for about two weeks, Corona police said. His parents — Bryce Daniel McIntosh, 32, and Jillian Marie Godfrey, 36 — were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of willful child cruelty because of interviews and discovered evidence, Sgt. Chad Fountain said. They never reported him missing.”

According to ABC7, “Charges of willful harm to a child were filed against Bryce McIntosh and Jillian Godfrey for something that they did to their missing son, Noah McIntosh, on Feb. 24. “

Grandpa Doug Godfrey, with whom both children lived for eight years, has a theory on what happened to Noah. "Noah was born with his bladder outside his body," he said.

That and "other birth defects caused Noah to sometimes wet his pants. Godfrey said McIntosh 'is a violent man' and that perhaps the burden of raising Noah caused him to snap." He believes that Noah is dead and that he met a violent end.

Doug Godfrey says that if he'd been able to assert his grandparents' rights, “Noah would be alive now.”

“Did I think he’d kill Noah?" Doug was asked about McIntosh. His chilling response? "I thought at one time he would kill the whole family,” said Godfrey, who during an interview would not refer to McIntosh by name.

Noah’s 11-year-old sister was found unharmed and is now in the custody of Riverside County DCFS

Please continue your fervent prayers for the well-being of little Noah McIntosh. He's out there somewhere and he need to be brought home.

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