US Air Force Puts a Camera Inside the Bomb Bay of a B-52 For a Bombing Run and the Results are Spectacular

October 03, 2017

The B-52 Stratofortress is one of the most iconic aircraft in USAF history. This video from a training mission above an uninhabited island shows off just how accurate these bombers can be.

The B-52 is one of the oldest aircraft still in service today. Its first flight took place in 1952, and it entered into service in 1955. It was originally designed to carry nuclear weapons for the Cold War but has been used as a conventional bomber for its entire military history.

Despite its age, the B-52 is expected to continue to serve well into the 2040s due to its well-rounded capabilities as a bomber. It can carry up to 70,000 pounds of a variety of weapons, from cruise missiles to regular unguided bombs.

Another reason why the B-52 is still relied upon today is that a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber costs almost twice as much to operate and fly. When you are flying over countries with limited defense capabilities, you don’t really need to be stealthy. Why use an advanced stealth bomber when a big, old B-52 in broad daylight would do just as well?

Speaking of bombing in broad daylight, take a look at this video of the B-52 as it delivers a few tons of freedom to an uninhabited island.

Hopefully there wasn’t some poor castaway stranded on that island. Not the kind of rescue plane he was hoping for.

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