Famous Actress Died From Gunshot Wounds After Confrontation With Police

September 04, 2018

There have been some unexpected news that has come in from over the weekend. A famous actress allegedly "armed herself," and aimed the gun at the police. The officers on scene shot and killed her.

At this time, we are asking our readers to pray for everyone involved. Many fans are stunned to hear that the actress had pulled a weapon on the police, and many fans are taking their opinions on social media.

On Thursday, August 30, California police received a 9-1-1 call from a South Pasadena home at around 2 p.m. The landlord reported that there was a woman who was in some kind of trouble, according to Lt. Joe Mendoza of the LA Sheriff's Homicide Bureau, "PageSix" reported.

“At the time [of the shooting], there was an LA County mental health clinician here with the officers,” Mendoza said. “They began to communicate with her; she became very uncooperative and during that contact, she armed herself with a handgun, she pointed it at the officers and an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

After the shooting, police later discovered that the weapon the actress pulled on them was a "BB-type" gun, according to investigators.

Police said the woman, who was identified as "ER" actress Vanessa Marquez, “was undergoing some medical problems, some seizures, [and] it appeared that the female was gravely disabled."



At the time of the shooting on Thursday, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department took time to investigate the incident, which is standard protocol for all officer-involved shootings.


Police Statement

On Saturday, September 1, the city officials released a statement about the shooting which also included encouraging the public not to make any rash judgments about the incident prior to the investigation.


“We believe our officers acted appropriately under a tragic set of circumstances,” City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe said.

“We support our officers and stand by them during this investigation. We believe the facts will show that our officers, along with a mental health professional, made every attempt to resolve the situation peacefully before the use of deadly force became necessary,” DeWolfe continued.


“In the meantime, we are asking the public to be patient and wait until the facts of the case are confirmed before making judgments about the incident,” she said.


According to "PEOPLE," there are two separate investigations currently being conducted at this time. No further details were provided to this news outlet.

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