Speeding Driver ‘Intentionally’ Plows Into Crowd Before Slamming Into Tree, Multiple 'Grave' Injuries

April 24, 2019

Tragedy struck Tuesday evening at a busy intersection in Sunnyvale, California when dozens of unwary pedestrians were mowed down by a ’speeding driver’ who may have intentionally hit them.

Eight people were rushed to local hospitals after sustaining serious injuries in the incident. The driver, who has not been named, is described only as “an adult male.”


The Washington Post reports, “All eight people, who were walking through a crosswalk or standing nearby, were transported to local hospitals for treatment and evaluation,” said Captain Jim Choi of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.

According to Choi, the youngest victim is a 13-year-old girl. None of the victims’ names or medical status has been released to the public.

Witnesses report that the driver seemed to speed up before hitting the pedestrians, and made no attempt to stop or swerve away before impact.

Captain Choi agrees. “It looks like this may have been an intentional act by the driver.”

9-1-1 started receiving calls about the incident starting at around 6:40 pm, California time.


According to Captain Choi, “The driver was alone in a black four-door sedan when he plowed through the pedestrians along a major road in the city, located just west of San Jose.

“The car came to a stop after the driver hit a tree on the side of the road,” Choi said.

The driver did not appear to have sustained any serious injuries and has been taken into custody pending an investigation. At press time, no charges had been filed.

Debris including an overturned bicycle, backpacks, and personal items filled the intersection after the collision. Police closed the road to conduct their investigation.

Please pray for all those affected by this horrible act.


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