VETO STANDS: Pelosi Left Red-Faced, Democrats Fuming, As Trump Pulls In Another Big Win On Border Wall

March 26, 2019

Let’s face, it. We all knew that President Trump was going to get his wall - one way or another. And he pretty much went through all the possibilities before he dealt the final blow.

Determined to follow through on his pivotal campaign promise to secure the southern border with a powerful wall, Mr. Trump had to work hard to finally get there.

He negotiated, he let Democrats shut down the government, he negotiated some more, he faced vindictiveness coming from all over the place, and then finally, he declared a national emergency.

But liberals were not going to sit still for that. They attacked the constitutionality of the declaration and threatened to rescind his pronouncement in the halls of Congress.

As soon as possible after Mr. Trump signed the declaration, Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, made it known that they would have a vote to nullify his executive order.

The legislation passed in both houses, but Mr. Trump used another of his powers as President and vetoed the legislation. All along Pelosi, Schumer, and other lead Democrats swore ‘he’ll never get his wall!’

But, as has happened so many times in the 11th hour, the Democrats failed to make good on their threats. Ms. Pelosi was unable to compile the requisite number of votes to override the President’s veto and exhausted their final tactic to stop him.

“The House failed to override President Trump’s veto over his national emergency declaration. The vote of 248-181 was short of the 2/3 majority it needed for an override.

“The declaration allows Trump to use almost $4B in federal money to fund a proposed border wall.”

And, to add insult to injury, the Defense Department allocated $one billion dollars to be sued for border construction Arizona and Texas.

Mr. Trump still has his work cut out for him, however, as you can bet the Democrats are going to pursue court action to stop him.

According to Fox News, “Even with his veto remaining intact, Trump may not be able to spend the money for barriers quickly because of lawsuits that might take years to resolve.”

And you can bet Speaker Pelosi and the rest will pull out all the dirty tricks they can find to delay the process, hoping beyond hope, that the President will lose the 2020 election to someone more to their liking.

But, if I were you, Nancy, I wouldn’t hold my breath…

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