Viral Video of Texas Woman Littering in Colorado Parking Lot — What This Man Does Next Is Incredible

January 29, 2018

Where do you usually put your garbage? Does a parking lot sound reasonable?


This Texas woman believed a Colorado parking lot was a place to drop off garbage. Boy, was she entirely wrong. From the video, it appears she felt like the parking lot was her very own trash can.

The woman seemed to have no problem emptying out her car which was full of fast-food cups. As the man recording the video approaches the woman, she turned around and noticed he was filming her. She slammed her door and quickly sped away.


A spokesperson for Wheat Ridge Police said that the woman has been identified and has been issued a summons.



Woodland Park Underground originally shared the video and stated, "The Internet does not let anyone hide." It has been shared over 35,000 times which prompted comments from the locals who took a particular interest in her Texas license plate.


“Just because you are not in Texas anymore does not mean you can just trash Colorado,” the original post reads." #TexaswomantrashingColorado. #KeepitClean #DontMessWithColorado #MakeHerFamous.”



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