Want to Know Who's Doing the Halftime Show for the Super Bowl?

October 24, 2017

Some people, maybe even you, may not be so interested in the NFL anymore due to the controversial kneeling versus standing for the flag during the National Anthem. Regardless what side you are on, most people do enjoy the Superbowl for their halftime show and their memorable commercials.

This being his third appearance during the Super Bowl halftime show, Justin Timberlake was more than happy to accept the invitation. As a matter of fact, Timberlake and his buddy Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter to share their excitement. Check out the hilarious video below!


Timberlake's first performance was when he was a member of 'NSYNC in 2001, and his second appearance was with Janet Jackson in 2004. Most people will remember the latter performance because it was so memorable — "wardrobe malfunction" anyone?

Super Bowl LII will take place at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota on February 2, 2018. The game and JT's performance will be aired on NBC live.


What do you think about Justin Timberlake performing at the halftime show? In other news, McDonald's posted this crazy optical illusion, can you see the hidden message?

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