Fierce Battle Erupts Online Over Washing This Body Part. SM Users Get Savage Defending Hygiene Practices

May 10, 2019

It was a simple tweet in which the user admits she doesn’t always wash her legs when she showers, claiming that the soapy water that runs down is sufficient for cleaning them.

Little did she realize that her innocuous comment (has now been deleted) would unleash a vicious debate over personal hygiene!

According to Daily Dot, “The thing devolved into a whole other level when journalist Sophie Weiner admitted that she only washes her armpits and face in the shower, and only showers once or twice per week.”

“I don't like use soap on my whole body when i shower? and i don't think i'm gross? i pretty much just wash my face and my armpits with soap. and i shower like once or twice a week lol. i think it's fine.”

After a little backlash, she justified her statement with another tweet.

“i think this probably also has to do with the fact that i don't exercise much. if i was sweating a lot i'd prob want to shower more. but you also don't need soap to get off sweat! your body is fine without constant soap.”

Obviously, the qualification of her original statement did nothing to assuage the vitriol coming from the 'pro-washing' club.

“?!?!?!? are there people who do not feel the need to.... wash their legs…….”

As you can imagine, not only are Twitter users OUTRAGED (one way or the other) they have risen in demonstrably strong defense of their own personal habits.

Some people have done actual research on the subject.

‘can I believe I did a whole project for sociology about cleanliness and yts said they only shower if they smell, don’t wash their legs, don’t scrub the back of their ears, belly button, and girls said they don’t wash their pr*vate parts. I hated reading the responses yuckkk “

The topic eventually worked its way around to the necessity of showering and how often is appropriate and healthy.

And devolved into ‘bath vs. shower.’

“Also also, taking a bath is just the first for me in getting clean. I take baths almost every night. I then take a shower.

“I don’t understand how I’m supposed to get clean while sitting in my own dirt and grime.”


This person really got to the meat of the issue.

"I go to sleep for a few hours and now washing your legs is evil. How times have changed. I mean the time between when I went to sleep and the time when I woke up."

I really think we have too much time on our hands. And as they say online, it’s a classic ‘first world problem.’

Where do you stand on this seemingly burning issue?

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