Watch a Baby Ride a Robot Vacuum in This Hilariously Adorable Video

November 27, 2017

This latest viral video has everyone in stitches as a baby hitched a ride on the family vacuum cleaner.

One of the latest and greatest cleaning tools to be introduced in the past decade or so is the robotic vacuum cleaner. It uses a variety of sensors to detect its surroundings and navigate around a room.

One of the ways the vacuum detects its surroundings is by bumping into objects. Some vacuums have sensors that detect that an object is near so that it can slow down before impact.

Over the past couple of years, these vacuums have become more and more advanced in their technology. The most expensive models today can return to their charging station when their batteries run low as well as create a map of the room in their “brain” to figure out how to best clean the floor of that room.

Older models followed a semi-random pattern around the room, similar to that of a wandering insect. While the whole floor would eventually get cleaned, it wasn’t the most efficient way to cover a room, but it got the job done.

Judging by this video, the motor in these vacuums is fairly strong as it has no trouble hauling a baby around the room. The baby just rides the robot vacuum like a mini Aladdin on a magic carpet.

Take a look for yourself and try not to laugh! (Want one of these amazing robotic vacuums? Here is a selection of Roomba vacuums for sale on Amazon today!)

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