Watch Parents’ Emotional Response to Holding Their Adopted Child For the First Time

January 12, 2018

Katie and Matt first met when they were in college. Matt was helping other students move into their dorms when he suddenly got turned around. Katie was the one who gave him directions.

Matt invited Katie to play soccer with him. Soon after that, they officially started dating. Three years later, they got married.

Eventually, the two decided that they were ready to have kids. They tried to naturally conceive for years. By the time they realized they wouldn’t be able to, both of them were more than ready to become parents—they weren’t ready to give up on their dream yet.

The couple began to consider adoption. Katie had been raised with adopted siblings from Bolivia and Mexico. She had also had foster siblings growing up.

Adoption was a newer idea to Matt, but he was just as excited as Katie when they made the decision.

Matt and Katie shared their decision to adopt with their church. The church quickly surrounded them with the support they needed to get through the process. The church community also helped Matt and Katie get set up with everything they would need for a baby.

Even though they were more than ready to adopt, they had to go through all of the paperwork and legal proceedings. For a long time, they were waiting to hear whether they would be able to adopt.

One day, Matt received a phone call. They had officially been approved for adoption—and their new daughter had just been born.

He immediately went to Katie’s work and shared the incredible news with her.

While they both sobbed, Matt got some of the details out. “She’s seven pounds, nine ounces. She was born in Raleigh and they’re transporting her to Charlotte on Friday...she’s ready!”

The video shows Matt and Katie first meeting their new daughter. She is first handed to Matt. He grins down at her, crying. He says, “I’m your dad!”

You can see the video of the sweet new parents below.

At the end of the video, you can hear Matt and Katie share vows with their sweet daughter, Natalie Gray. Matt’s voice shares, “We promise to laugh with you, share with you, and be in the moment with you.”

Then Natalie’s voice, “We promise to love you through the thick and thin, good times and bad.” Then Matt again, “And lastly we promise to grow in our walk with God so that we can continue to be better parents to you.”

It’s incredible to see this sweet couple finally get their dream—a baby. Sweet little Natalie will be a well-loved child as she grows.

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