Watch This Bus Photobomb the Georgia Dome Implosion at the Exact Wrong Moment

November 21, 2017

Yesterday morning, the Georgia Dome was taken down in a controlled demolition in Atlanta, Georgia. Many news crews were on hand to watch the implosion, including the Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel set up a live shot at what looked like a perfect view of the stadium. A countdown can be heard off camera as the demolition was about to begin. Just as the first few explosions went off, there was a surprise visitor.

Watch the video and see why this cameraman had the worst possible luck!

“Bus! Get out of the way, bus!” says a frantic producer in the background. But the bus didn’t move until the stadium had completely crumbled. The shot was ruined.

The producer also had some other things to say, but thanks to the bleeps, we can only guess what they were. I assume they weren’t happy words.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time this has happened either. At a demolition across the pond in Scotland, a familiar situation took shape. Someone across the street had a great view of an impending implosion. Just as the building starts to fall, guess what happened.

Based on this evidence, it seems as if busses either aren’t there when you want them to be or are there when you don’t want them to be there.

Since we’re on the subject of news crews missing demolition shots, take a look at this news crew as they cut away from a bridge demolition at just the wrong moment.


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