Watch This Dry Desert Become A Raging River in Seconds

October 06, 2017

Flash floods can be a common occurrence whenever it rains in dry deserts. Water and gravity are a tough combination to beat, and this is evident during flash floods.

Since the dry ground of a desert hardly ever sees rain, it doesn’t soak up moisture quite like the ground in places where it does rain. Instead of getting soaked up into the ground, the rain just flows down to wherever the lowest point in the area is, usually resulting in a flash flood.

As it flows down it collects any loose debris, creating a mass of mud, sticks, rocks, and logs that flows at quite an alarming rate downhill.

Flash floods are incredibly dangerous as they occur very quickly and are very powerful. If you are ever able to safely witness one, however, they are an amazing example of the power of nature.

Take a look at these flash floods in the Utah desert for example.

If you ever find yourself in a desert, make sure you are never in a dry riverbed whenever there is rain nearby!

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