Need a Break From News? Watch This Presenter Giggle Through Her Segment

November 16, 2017

Blooper reels are always funny, but there’s something especially wonderful about live news bloopers. You never really know when you’ll see someone misspeak, stumble, or start giggling.

Recently, a weather forecaster for BBC had one of those blunders. Actually, it wasn’t her fault at all, but instead a technical glitch.

While Kawser Quamer was presenting the weather forecast, a technical glitch occurred when her name should have been superimposed on the screen. Instead of introducing her, it showed “Aaron Ramsay.”

This would have been just fine (and not worthy of too many giggles), except for the description of who Aaron Ramsay is: “Ex-offender.” While she was presenting the weather, Quamer was introduced as an “ex-offender”—of course leading to a fit of laughter.

Quamer struggled to contain her giggles as she finished presenting the weather. She did her best to keep them under control.You can see her face the screen and try to get control of her laughter several times.

While she tries to control her giggles, it happens again. This time, the graphic shares that her name is “Julie Cree” a “Throughcare Support Officer.”

Of course, this led to another fit of giggles from Quamer. Eventually, she got control of her giggles and finished out her segment.

But the technical glitch didn’t end there. Catriona Shearer was the anchor, who continued with the news after the weather forecast.

According to the caption, though, her name was “Vicky Stewart” and she is “Aaron’s fiancee.” Shearer made it through her segment without erupting in giggles, but I don’t think anyone would blame her if she did. Check out the full video here.

Later that day, after her segment had gone viral, Quamer shared a photo of herself on Twitter. The photo shows her getting into the back of a police car with the comment “Oh look—my ride home after that crazy lunchtime broadcast!”

It’s great to be able to laugh when you turn on the news! It’s the perfect break from some of the heavy news we’ve been getting lately!

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