Watch What Happens When You Bleach Pinecones

November 22, 2017

Tis the season! I love this time of year. The cooler weather, the warm sweaters, and my favorite drink, peppermint mochas!

Around this time I enjoy doing a few festive DIY projects or crafts. Recently, I made a cute Christmas tree key holder and absolutely loved how it turned out! I came across an HGTV Facebook video the other day about the beautiful results of bleaching a pinecone.

One great thing about this project is that there is really no need make a trip to the craft store unless you are like me and think of reasons why you need to go. If so, go for it! Without further ado, let's begin!

Items You Will Need:

4 quarts bleach;
2 quarts water;

Begin by adding the bleach and the water mixture. Then toss in those pinecones and lay a plastic container over the pinecones, so they are fully submerged in the concoction. Let the pinecones soak for 24 hours.

Pull out the pinecones and let them dry in the sun until they open. When they are ready you can add them to your garland by stringing some wire or place them in a festive basket or bowl. For the video instructions, take a look below.

Post by HGTV.

Share with us what your recent crafts or DIY projects have looked like in the comment section below! In unrelated news, check out this article about the Pope's new Lamborghini!

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