A New Celebrity Baby Name Has Joined the Ranks of Weirdest Celeb Baby Names

February 07, 2018

It seems like celebrities have an agreement to find the strangest names they can for their children. The latest baby name was just released—and it might just top the list. Check out some of these crazy celebrity baby names.


After months of speculation that she was pregnant, Kylie Jenner gave birth to a daughter with rapper Travis Scott. A few days after the birth, the name was announced: Stormi.

Blue Ivy

I guess when your parents are Beyonce and Jay-Z, it doesn’t really matter what your name is. But this one’s a little strange either way.


This list wouldn’t be complete without some of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s babies. Out of all three, though, North is one of the stranger ones. With the last name “West,” many people were drawing comparisons between her name and the airline.


Rainbow’s mother is Holly Madison, a reality TV star and author. Most people love rainbows, but it’s still a little strange to name your child after one.


Another Kardashian child. Kim and Kanye’s second child had a name almost as interesting as the first.


Somehow a lot of Kardashian children are showing up on this list. Dream is Rob Kardashian’s daughter with Blac Chyna. As far as things go, it’s not the worst name on the list, though.



Of course wildlife survivalist Bear Grylls would have a nature-inspired baby name. Again, it’s not the worst on the list. I mean, the kid could just go by “Huck.”

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