What Happens When You Cross a Preschool With a Nursing Home?

December 08, 2017

In any residential area, there are probably two things that you’ll see on street corners: nursing homes and daycares. It makes sense. Parents want their daycares close to where they live. They also want their parents close, in case anything were to happen.

One nursing home in Seattle has opened up a program to help their residents—a daycare. For five days out of the week, The Mount Nursing Home is filled with up to 125 children—in addition to their normal residents.

The daycare is meant for children, ages zero to five. The daycare originally opened in 1991 at Mount.

The program provides the elderly residents with “opportunity to be a role model, reintegration into family life, opportunity to give and feel needed, sense of wonder and humor rekindled, and a sense of purpose.” It also teaches younger children about the aging process, have a broader perspective on growth, and have more information about the elderly.

This program doesn’t only benefit the people who are in it, though. It also benefits the community overall. It promotes closer ties, enhances traditions, and helps to break down stereotypes.

According to Charlene Boyd, an administrator at the Mount, “All of us have common needs to be loved, and all of us have common needs to share life together. And so these children bring life and vibrancy and normalcy.”

One resident, 93-year-old Harriet Thompson shared, “I’m a great-great-grandmother, but they’re in another town. I can’t hold my own little girl because she’s far away. And so this is what makes me happy. You get to know them, and watch them, and act silly with them. It’s good to feel like you’re three-years-old again.”

Check out this sweet video of the program at the Mount.

There’s just something so heartwarming about seeing the elderly play with a parachute with a group of 5-year-olds. This program has some incredible benefits for the kids and also the adults.

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