What He Thought Was an 18 Pound Dog Ended Up Being Over 200 Pounds

January 22, 2018

Nine years ago, Sue Markham really wanted to get a dog. Her husband, Robert, told her that he absolutely didn’t want a big dog, but would be fine with a smaller one.

Sue decided that a Jack Russell terrier would be perfect. They only grow to around 18 pounds but are still pretty athletic—the perfect combination for her and her husband.

She found the perfect dog at a nearby shelter. The puppy was really young when she first met it—and it weighed just under two pounds.

Sue decided to bring the dog home. She wasn’t sure exactly what breed it was, so she told her husband it was a Jack Russell terrier named Yogi Bear.

However, her guess at the breed proved to be very wrong. That tiny two-pound dog didn’t grow up to be an 18-pound terrier.

By only five months old, Yogi was already much larger than full-grown Jack Russell terriers. At that point, Robert realized that it probably wasn’t the breed that she told him.

By that time, he had already fallen in love with Yogi, so he didn’t even care. He shared, “I thought a big dog would be a lot of work and could be trouble. We only have a small living room...by the time he was five months old, he was bigger than any Jack Russell he came across at the park and he had this big tongue that lolled out of his mouth.”

As Yogi grew, he kept gobbling more and more food down and growing bigger and bigger. Eventually, Robert figured out that his wife hadn’t brought home a small—or even a medium-sized dog. She tracked down the largest dog that she could’ve found.

Yogi was actually a Mantle Great Dane. Now full-grown, Yogi weighs 210 pounds and measures 6-feet, 10-inches long. When he heads outside in the cold, he has to wear a horse coat to keep warm. Check out this video of Yogi and his family.


What a massive dog! I’m glad Robert is fine with having such a massive dog. I guess it would be hard to say no after falling in love with him as a puppy.

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