What is the Most Popular Last Name in Your State?

December 05, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the most common last names are in each state? Well, wonder no more.

Based on a study from ancestry.com, we are a nation of Smiths, Williams, and Johnsons. Take a look at the map and see for yourself.

For a full-size and clearer image of the map, click here.

Smith, Williams, and Johnson were the top three names in 14 states. Also, Smith, Williams, or Johnson is also the most popular last name in all but four states.

The last name Brown also appears in eight states, all of which are on the east coast. The Brown of the west would be the last name Anderson, which also appears in eight states but all of which are in the midwest or west.

Like Brown and Anderson, Miller is in the top three in eight states, but with no real geographical trend.

Hawaii didn’t get the memo as far as last names go as it has three unique popular last names: Lee, Wong, and Kim.

Garcia is a popular last name in southwestern states.

Did your last name make the list? Let us know in the comments! Mine didn’t. Not even close.

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