When He Found Out His Friend Was Dying, He Knew Exactly What to Do

January 05, 2018

Dillon and Chris have been best friends since they were ten years old. They met when they were in fourth grade and bonded over their love of video games.


Two years after they became friends, Chris was diagnosed with stage four chronic myeloid leukemia. During his time in the hospital, Dillon visited him every day. They played video games together to help keep Chris’s mind off of the diagnosis.


After chemotherapy, Chris recovered and was virtually cancer-free for years. As the two went through their teenage years, they remained best friends.


Inspired by the hope that Chris got from playing video games in the hospital, the two decided to start a nonprofit. Gamers Gift brings technology to hospitals and facilities to help distract patients from their bleak reality.



After graduating from high school, Dillon went to college while Chris took a year off to save money. During that year, though, Chris found out that his cancer had returned. This time, the cancer was more resilient to the drugs that he had previously used. He was told that he only had one year left unless he finds a bone marrow match.


Chris wants to try and keep his spirits up, “After how long I’ve dealt with cancer, it’s definitely a little bit hard to be blindly optimistic. But if you’re constantly worried about it you’re going to get in a bad place. I’m trying to maintain a level of hopefulness.”



When Dillon found out Chris’s prognosis, he decided that he needed to be there for his best friend. He left college so he could help his friend keep his spirits up.


Chris and Dillon worked together to create a bucket list for Chris. Dillon wants to help Chris through his last year by checking everything off of the list. They are documenting their journey in videos online.



Dillon is inspired by his best friend as they go through this journey together. “He’s had every reason to give up, yet here we are,” he shared. “This is about documenting Chris’s life, but it’s also about celebrating. It’s about remembering this might be our last day and trying to spread that idea to people to try and make them happier and open their eyes up to how awesome life is and how fragile it is.”


Find out more about Dillon and Chris’s journey by watching this video.



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