When Her 4-Month-Old Brother Had to Put on a Helmet, This 3-Year-Old Knew Exactly What To Do

January 09, 2018

Jerry Gutierrez is a regular cyclist so he often wears a helmet before heading to work. One day his three-year-old daughter Camila noticed that he was wearing a helmet and wanted to be a part of it. She decided to go outside and get her own cycling helmet to match her dad.


When Jerry's second child, Jonas, was born, he had a flat head and had to wear a helmet to correct it. The doctors told them that you have to wear the helmet for 3 to 6 months. When Camila noticed that her baby brother was wearing a helmet, she wanted to do the same.


One day Jerry woke up to both of his children wearing helmets. Of course, he wanted to go put his own on as well.



Jerry shared, "It was comfortable and fun. We just rocked them."


Jerry knows that Jonas probably can't recognize the sweet gesture. However, he knows that for 3-year-old Camila this is probably a big lesson.


"As a parent, I've seen three years of really cool growth for a little human being, and my favorite thing about kids is that they want to support one another and be inclusive," Jerry shared of his daughter. "When my daughter sees someone who's a little different, her response is not to be fazed but to be inclusive and understanding."



Hopefully, in the future, Jonas will be able to recognize how sweet his father and sister were. In the meantime though, this is an incredible lesson for 3-year-old Camila. Hopefully, she never loses that desire to help people feel more comfortable.


Jerry wants to encourage his daughter's kindness as much as possible. "I enjoy that this is a way to preserve that character trait in my daughter. We're going to try to nurture and hold on to this."


Jerry shared that he hopes others can also learn from his sweet daughter. "This is how we should be with one another," he said. "We should want to do things because it's the right thing."



It’s incredible so see how Camila just wanted her brother to be included. Hopefully, she never loses that. In the meantime, we can all learn a little bit from her desire to make her baby brother feel normal.


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