When School Closed, It Left Some Kids Without Lunch. Then One Mom Stepped In.

February 21, 2018

When we were kids, we would dream about waking up one morning to snow on the ground. Then with great anticipation turning on the radio or TV and hope to hear your school's name listed as "Closed!"

After getting the news your school is closed, you would rush to your closet and put on your warmest clothes to be able to go outside with your friends. A day that was supposed to be filled with books and learning is now filled with snowman building, snowball fights, and sledding down the street.

However, for many kids today, they do not have the same magical feeling we had when it comes to snow days. Many kids find themselves on the free or reduced-price lunches at school because their families cannot afford the basic foods they need, and when school is closed, they are not able to get lunch.

When Ohio mom, Amy Price, woke up to the news that her kids weren't going to have school one Wednesday morning, she thought about those kids who weren't going to have lunch that day. She said in an interview with ABC News, "I remember being a child services prosecutor and caseworkers mentioning sometimes that kids may not eat on snow days when they're home from school."

That prompted Price to go to Facebook and post "If you live in the Lorain County area and your kids depend on school-provided breakfast and lunch to be able to eat today, and they do not have school, please inbox me. Someone from my company will drop some items off to you. Please feel free to share.”

When Price first posted this, she thought she would go to the store to buy a little bit of fruit and lunch meat to be able to provide lunch bags for kids in need. However, the response was overwhelming. She said, "Some people even contacted me for their neighbors and grandchildren and nieces and nephews. They just kept pouring in."

She called McDonald's and ordered more than 100 cheeseburgers and french fries. Price, her husband, their two kids, and their grandchild then delivered the lunches to homes around the area. One parent wrote Price after the delivery saying, "You would have thought you gave my kid $100! He's so excited!"

News of what Price did spread around the area. Because of the lasting snow, schools were closed for the rest of the week. Other people from the around the area came together to provide lunches for those days as well.

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