Where Did This Woman's Legs Go? This Optical Illusion Goes Viral

November 21, 2017

The photo before you shows five young Green Bay Packer fans sitting on a couch posing for a photo. To my knowledge, all five women have at least one leg, if not two pairs of legs.

From thousands of comments on Reddit and other social media sites, there appear to be two theories. One being the third woman in from the left seems to have no legs. The second argument is the second woman from the left has no legs. What do you see?

If you have been taking a while and haven't found her set of legs yet, you aren't the first. This illusion took me several minutes, but I couldn't solve the problem by myself.

The woman second in from the left is sitting with her legs draped over the couch like everyone else, it's just you can't see them from first glance. Take a look at the bare kneecap on the left. That knee is actually from the "legless" girl. Both women are wearing black jeans so their legs blend together perfectly.

If you need additional proof, take a look at the bare ankle — it stops halfway across because there are in fact two separate legs.

I cheated and used the image below to help highlight each pair of legs. If you are done pulling out your hair, take a look at the answer below.

What do you think now that you've seen the answer? Are you wondering how you missed seeing that in the first place or are you still skeptical? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page! In other news, watch as this bus photobombs the Georgia Dome implosion! 

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