While on His Deathbed, Daughter Says “Mom Is Waiting for You on the Other Side”

November 22, 2017

Isabell and Preble Staver were both WWII veterans. They met on a blind date in the early 1940s and by 1946, they were married. He served in the US Marine Corps and she was a Navy nurse.

After five children and 71 years of marriage, they were both nearing the end of their lives. When Isabell started to show signs of dementia, Preble didn’t want to acknowledge that she was declining.

Their daughter, Laurie Clinton, shared, “Dad would go to the library and pick out books for them to read together. He’d read it first and then she’d read it and they started a two-person book club, just them, to talk about it after.”

Years later, they moved into an assisted living facility near Laurie. While there, Preble had a bad fall that required brain surgery.

Laurie shared, “Dad ws on Hospice, and we all thought he was going to die. Mom was distraught. She would hold his hand and stroke his arm and tell him he was her big, strong, Marine.”

The final time Preble and Isabell saw each other, they laid down and cuddled. They held each other’s hands and just spent some time together.

Laurie shared, “They didn’t say a single word to each other. They just reached out for each other—their hands, like magnets, clasped together—and they looked so peaceful.”

Eight days after that, Isabell passed away. She was 95-years old at the time.

Laurie shared, “After Mom passed, I went to Dad’s room and bent down next to his bed and whispered, ‘It’s okay for you to let go now, Mom is waiting for you on the other side.”

She asked him if he wanted to attend his wife’s funeral. According to Laurie, “He said, ‘No’ and cried. Then, he was gone, too.”

Two weeks later, the family held a joint funeral for Isabell and Preble. According to Laurie, “They had the type of true love that we all look for in this lifetime. They married each other in sickness and in health, and they kept that vow until the very end.”

This is such an incredible love story for their family to cherish.

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