Video: Snowstorm in NYC Leads to Wild Snowball Fight Between Kids and Police

March 22, 2018

The nor’easter that hit the northeastern part of the United States in the past few days has dumped a lot of snow as it moved through the area.


Even though the conditions may have been rough, a pair of NYPD officers still managed to find a way to have fun with the kids in their community.




A classic part of the winter and the snow that it brings are snowball fights. Knowing this, the police set up an impromptu snowball fight between them and a group of local children


It is great to see policemen like these two officers getting involved in building strong relationships with the youth in their community.


With all the media coverage that the whole Black Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter issue has received over the past few years, it is refreshing to see videos like this.


The policemen even handed out new gloves to the kids after it was over with to make sure that their hands stay warm the rest of the winter.


Kudos to these NYPD policemen for showing these impressionable kids that these police are a positive member of the community as well as role models that they can look up to.



In related good police news, body cam footage released this week shows the moment when police officers stepped in to save a baby from choking. Watch the dramatic footage in the next article below!

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