Will Nose Hair Extensions Keep You From Getting Sick?

October 13, 2017

Beauty trends are all over the place. At one point squiggle eyebrows were in, then it was braided brows, then it was Mcdonald’s brows. But eyebrows aren’t the only body part that goes through crazy trends.

The latest crazy trend is nose hair extensions. The first Instagrammer to try this was @gret_checn_chen. She did this completely as a joke, but the trend has been catching on.

Of course, no one is actually wearing these nose hair extensions out in public. But this made me wonder: will nose hair extensions help keep you from getting sick?

We all know that nose hairs help to keep bacteria and particles out of your system. They, in combination with mucus, help to filter out particles and germs—this includes airborne viruses.

It makes sense that if you trim your nose hairs, they wouldn’t be able to capture as many particles, so you would be more likely to get sick. So wouldn’t the reverse be true? If you lengthen your nose hairs, maybe you’ll actually decrease your chances of getting sick.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Unfortunately, it is. According to several doctors, including Dr. Oz and Dr. Voigt of NYU, longer nose hairs don’t make much of a difference.

The real problem with nose hairs is when people decide to pluck them. Both doctors have warned people not to pluck their nose hairs. When nose hairs get plucked, bacteria can travel into the hair follicle in the skin and cause lethal infections. Check out this video of Dr. Voigt talking about nose hairs.

So if you naturally have beautiful nose hairs that every Instagrammer is jealous of—appreciate them! Don’t pluck them out! But these “nose hair extensions” don’t really do much aside from making everyone who talks to you feel uncomfortable.


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