Will Smith Wants to Adopt a Baby Wombat in These Hilarious Nature Videos

January 22, 2018

Will Smith is known for a lot. From his start in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” to “Men in Black” and starring with his son in “Pursuit of Happyness,” he’s a well-known name in Hollywood. But there’s one thing that he hasn’t previously been known for: nature documentaries.

Recently, Will took a trip to Sydney, Australia. While there he took a trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park. He shared some videos of his trip to Instagram.

He starts the first video saying, “Welcome to the first episode of ‘When dumb people get bit.’” He then feeds a crocodile.

The video then shows Will cradling a wombat. He shared, “That’s our new baby...and now we got a wombat.” In the caption on the video, Will tells his son Jaden, “He’s taking your room”

In the next video, he showed a video of a snake crawling on one of his friends. By the end, the snake is wrapped around their necks. Check out the second video below.

The best part of these videos isn’t the cute animals—it’s the commentary. Will responds to some of these animals in the exact same way most of us wold. Of course, that makes everyone want him to be “Animal Planet’s” next nature documentarian.

Will got to do more than just head to a Wildlife Park while in Australia. He also got to check something off his bucket list! He scuba dived at the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s great that Will Smith is enjoying his latest trip, but we’ll just be here waiting for him to narrate the next Planet Earth, just like Snoop Dogg did last year.

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