E. Coli Outbreak: Health Officials Warn Consumers Not To Eat Fan-Favorite Brand Of Meat

October 01, 2018

Public health officials at a local health department have discovered four confirmed cases of E. coli O157:H7 infections. The business linked to this outbreak is recalling some of their products.

Individuals who may have consumed a product contaminated with E. coli may experience numerous symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, these may include the following: diarrhea, which may range from mild, watery, to severe and bloody. Abdominal cramping, pain, or tenderness. Nausea and vomiting.

The Mayo Clinic reports that "young children and older adults have a greater risk of developing a life-threatening form of kidney failure called hemolytic uremic syndrome."

Health officials at a county health department in Missouri have linked four confirmed cases of E. coli infections to ham sold at a local farmers market. Williams Brothers Meat Market in Washington, Missouri, is under investigation by the Franklin County Health Department, according to Food Safety News.


At this time, health officials are worried that some consumers may have unused portions of the Williams Brothers meat products in their homes. Consumers are asked to check their refrigerators and freezers for this recalled product. If you have this product, you are asked to immediately discard the item into the trash, or return it to the place of purchase.


Williams Brothers is recalling all cured or smoked ready-to-eat whole ham, ham steaks, and ham sandwich products. These were packaged between May 25 and June 1.


"We're sorry for the inconvenience," owner Steve Williams said in a statement.


"We believe it’s actually a cross-contamination. In other words, it’s been found in one 16-pound bone-in ham,” he said.


The investigation conducted by Franklin County officials began in August after a confirmed case was reported. Since June, at least one of the four patients became sick.

Be sure to let your friends and family know of this recalled product!