Winter Birdseed Wreath for Your Fluttery Friends

December 14, 2017

For the birds that don't seek out warmer climates during the winter season, they are scrambling trying to find food. While, yes, birds can endure cold weather, finding high protein and fat foods can be the hardest task of their day.

Unfortunately, the colder climates increase a bird's caloric requirements at a time where the food is less available. We see very few insects flying around, fewer seeds, fruit, and nuts which are typically blanked with snow or used up.

Some birds, similar to squirrels, will hoard their food away by collecting food during the summer and fall months — a process that is called caching. This method doesn't always make the winter months any easier, however. This is where you can step in!

Winter Birdseed Wreath

Items Needed:

-Birdseed (nuts and seed mix);

For the step-by-step instructions, check out the video below. Also, many birds struggle to find water and die due to dehydration. If you are able, provide accessible water to your fluttery friends so they stay well hydrated.

What do you think about this craft? This would be a fun tradition to start with your kids or grandkids! In other news, a man sees an extraordinary detail in his parent’s wedding video! This man gets “The Best Son of the Year” award!

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