Woman Almost Lost Her Unborn Child—Now She Warning Other Mothers

January 05, 2018

Christina DePino was 35 weeks pregnant with her first child when she started experiencing itchiness. She didn’t think much of it, as many people claim that they itch quite a bit during pregnancy. However, it soon began to disrupt her sleep. Eventually her arms and legs were bleeding from the scratching.


She made a quick note about it on Facebook, complaining about the itching. A few of her friends urged her to head to the doctor if it was that bad.



When Christina went to the doctor, she was thanking her friends for their advice. She was told that she had cholestasis.


Cholestasis is a hormonal condition that affects the mother’s gallbladder. If she hadn’t gone to the doctor, the baby likely would have been stillborn.


When the doctors diagnosed Christina, they recommended that she be induced at 37 weeks to ensure that her daughter would be healthy.



Now Christina is trying to warn other mothers about the dangers of cholestasis. Because her friends warned her, she was able to save her daughter.


In a post on Facebook, she shared, “I would like to urge pregnant women who are suffering from severe itching to be their own advocate. Know the signs and symptoms and then contact your doctor. Don’t ignore the itch, a simple blood test could save your baby’s life.”



While severe itching is one of the symptoms, not all women experience that. There are several other symptoms, including fatty stools and a vitamin K deficiency. It’s important to know the warning signs to ensure that you’re safe.


Christina shared, “As soon as I was holding my beautiful baby girl in my arms, all I could think was, ‘What if? What if I had not complained on Facebook? What if no one had told me?’ All I could think was that I had to let other women know. I didn’t want any of them to wonder what had happened to their perfectly healthy baby.”


We’re so glad Christina’s story ended so well! She now has a sweet baby girl! Make sure your friends and family members know about this dangerous condition!


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