Woman Calls a Man a "Dirty Biker," His Tearful Response Has the Internet Applauding

February 01, 2018

Luc Perreault is your typical biker; he has tattoos, enjoys beer, largely built, has a goatee flapping in the wind, and has admitted that he looks like the kind of guy who would "eat your soul if you stare at me wrong."


Aside from those physical attributes, deep down, Luc offers so much more. But one woman would have known that if she didn't judge him based on his size and looks.

One summer, Luc took a pit-stop at a fast food restaurant, "Tim Horton," in Canada. While he was in line to order his food, he apparently caught the attention of a little girl who was standing next to her mother. The young girl didn't appear to be scared, but was more in awe of his size and appearance.


Luc thought it would be a nice opportunity to say hello rather than giving off an "I'll eat your soul" vibe. So he did. In the friendliest way a burly biker man could do. Luc even threw in a sweet, little wave. To his surprise, the young girl smiled and said hello back.

Then suddenly, without hesitation, her mother grabbed her hand and told her, "We don't talk to dirty bikers," and then darted out of the establishment.


Most bikers probably wouldn't have cared, but for Luc, his "feelings were hurt." Later that day, Luc went on Facebook and wrote an open letter to the mother who was quick to judge based on his appearance. If only she knew who he was deep down. His letter reads as follows:


What do you think about Luc's letter? Let us know on our Facebook page! In other news, a biker was traveling down a highway when he saw a man begin to beat a dog. Thankfully, he did something about it. Check out the story here.

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